Program Design and Evaluation

Trends in the environment and best practices in the field inform effective program development. Programs must be designed to fit your mission, organizational capacity, funding sources and core competencies. All programs should be designed with clear goals, outcomes and measures.

It doesn't have to be complicated. Simplicity is best, so you end up with programs that work. Programs need to achieve results that can be easily measured. We help you identify key indicators of success for which you can collect qualitative and quantitative data as part of daily program operations, using existing resources or systems. If it becomes apparent that new systems are needed, we provide consultation on how to proceed.

Millennia provides its clients with a range of research, analysis and planning services that help them to continue building on strengths while creating new programs fully aligned to their mission and vision.

Our program design services include: 

  • Needs assessments
  • Program design and planning
  • Project action planning
  • Cultural and linguistic competence
  • Racial equity and inclusion
  • Annual giving planning and results

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