Leadership Development and Training

These days, leadership is complicated.  That’s why Millennia’s leadership coaching is such a valuable resource for organizations.

Today’s leaders must combine individual competence with the ability to formulate and articulate a compelling vision—calling for specific collective actions. Leaders need to possess charisma, integrity, drive, and creativity. They need to know how to develop a clear vision of the future and an equally clear map of how to get there.

Because the responsibilities of leadership are challenging, and sometimes lonely, Millennia Consulting offers one-on-one leadership coaching customized to your needs, but we also recognize the immense value of peer exchange. As a result, Millennia’s leadership development program includes convening "Learning Circles"—peer-to-peer professional development groups. Learning Circles are professionally facilitated and aimed at leveraging the collective wisdom of the group for the individual benefit of its members.

Our coaching services can help executives and managers achieve focus and discipline, identify talent, run day-to-day operations better, or simply learn how to supervise more effectively.  We can also develop customized training for board members, employees, and volunteers.

We can train your people in the following areas:

  • Board development and governance
  • Fundraising strategies for building individual and grant support
  • Effective learning communities
  • Organizational skills
  • Team building

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