Learning Circles

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Providing a Unique Professional Development Opportunity to Nonprofit Executives

In today's tough and uncertain economic climate, it can be difficult for nonprofit executives to find the time to step back and reflect on their practice and the best ways to move forward. To give these busy, deeply committed executives a time and a place to meet with their professional peers and share their experiences and challenges, Millennia consultants regularly facilitate Learning Circles.

Several foundations including Community Memorial Foundation, Girl's Best Friend Foundation and The Brinson Foundation invest in building the capacity of nonprofit organizations because they understand that strong leadership is vital in overall organizational success. Maintaining that position, they have offered their grantees the opportunity to participate in the professional development opportunities that the Learning Circles offer.

Learning Circle meetings are carefully structured monthly sessions in which professional peers share their experiences and challenges with one another. The meetings bring together nonprofit executive directors, managers, administrators or program directors for a six-month period to reflect more critically and deeply on their work. During the meetings, Learning Circle members are encouraged to raise critical leadership or organizational questions and discuss them with colleagues.

Sometimes executives from a particular focus area will meet. For example, Millennia convened a Learning Circle of seven highly experienced executive directors of health and human services organizations. The group first met for seven months, then every other month for 12 more meetings.

Participants benefit in several ways. They develop a high degree of internal trust and interpersonal support, leading to a number of new cooperative arrangements among themselves. 

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If you would be interested in joining a group, email Millennia@ConsultMillennia.com.