Generation All


Crafting Strategy and Consensus Among Diverse Stakeholders

The ultimate goal of the Generation All is to expand education equity in Chicago by uniting stakeholders in the revitalization of neighborhood public high schools so that all students experience a top quality education that supports their personal and academic development both in and out of the classroom. The Initiative is guided by a diverse 41-person steering committee of education, community, civic and student leaders from across the city.

In its first year of operation, the steering committee built consensus around guiding principles but wanted help building buy-in from the community and developing a coherent blueprint for the future. Knowing of Millennia’s experience facilitating broad-based civic engagement and our track record in education policy and strategic planning, they turned to us for guidance.

We designed a focus group process and protocol and trained community leaders to facilitate groups across twenty plus neighborhoods with students, parents, educators and community residents. Building on their insights, we provided strategy consultation refining the Generation All vision and strategic focus.

At the start of the New Year, Generation All has re-granted funds provided by the Ford Foundation to 20 organizations which will begin implementation of key elements of the consensus Blue Print for the Future. As convener, the initiative will support grassroots efforts with a coordinated communications strategy and by supporting and strengthening the coalition of local implementers.

At a time when public education is under great scrutiny, Generation All is a unique and diverse collaborations of people committed to strengthening urban schools and preserving universal access for all children.