Web Talk 2013: How Strategic Planning Works and Benefits Your Nonprofit


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Interested in learning about strategic planning? Listen to Millennia consultant Wendy Siegel discuss the process, goals and benefits of strategic planning with Nonprofit Spark host Renee McGivern. Wendy describes the neutral facilitation role she plays and a four-step process that is inclusive, engages a task force in doing research, aligns the research with the mission of the organization, and ends with a plan that identifies key strategies.

Strategic planning is a great way to bring board, staff and other stakeholders togethr and to get them on the same page. It also forces the group to agree on where the nonprofit is headed and NOT headed. Finally, a plan shows funders and donors that you have thoughtful reasons for doing what you're doing and that you're focused on making a measurable difference in the community.

Strategic planning is not something you credibly do on your own. You benefit from a skilled, neutral facilitator who keeps the process moving forward withn a set of rules and parameters. If you have a  new executive director, if your resources are stretched thin, if your target population is changing or the funding climate is shifting, it there's tension between staff and board, then its time for strategic planning.

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