Millennia's strategic planning efforts hit the news in Dothan, Alabama


Millennia is guiding a comprehensive and highly participatory strategic planning process for the Dothan, Alabama City Schools. Dothan is a city of about 65,000 located in the southeast corner of the state just above the Florida panhandle. Roughly 9200 students attend the City’s public school system comprised of two high schools, four middle schools and eleven elementary schools. We are engaging a wide range of stakeholders in interviews, focus groups and planning sessions. So far, we have heard from some very enthusiastic students, parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders eager to chart a proactive future for education.

Here are links to the stories that was broadcast on the local Dothan TV stations:

Parents Weigh In on Dothan City School Strategic Plan

Dothan Board of Education Approves 5-Year Strategic Plan- WSFA TV

Dothan Board of Education Education Approves 5-Year Plan-WTVY