What could be more important than teaching children about the U.S. Constitution?

Millennia evaluates the Lawyers in the Classroom Project

In the year 2017, what could be more pertinent and important than an understanding of the U.S. Constitution?  Almost every day the news is packed full of articles and opinion pieces reporting on and debating a wide range of constitutional issues-gun control and the second amendment, separation of church and state, and the emoluments clause.  For this reason, we found it very exciting to work with the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Chicago on an evaluation framework for its Lawyers in the Classroom program.
Lawyers in the Classroom is a unique program targeted primarily to public elementary schools in Chicago. Three to four times a year, practicing attorneys take over classrooms to teach highly interactive lessons on the Bill of Rights and other constitutional issues. In one lesson, students are told that aliens have taken over the United States and are demanding that the Bill of Rights be shortened.  Students must decide which rights should be eliminated and which should be preserved. This provocative lesson forces young people to evaluate and try to prioritize whether freedom of speech is more important than say, the right to a fair trial. They find out that its pretty difficult!
For more information on CRFC and its work providing elementary and secondary students with hands-on learning about the Constitution visit their website.  Educators will also find teaching resources and training available.

As adults, we would all benefit from a refresher course on the Constitution.