Health Services in Schools Helps Kids Learn

For the past five years, Brenda Bannor has been the health consultant for the LISC Elev8 program, working closely with five Chicago schools, federally qualified health centers, and community organizations to build and sustain school based health centers. Click on the following link to read about Marquette school’s journey and the positive impact that can come from strong partnerships, a culture of mutual respect and commitment, and deep community relationships.

Strengthening Public Schools for the Future

In addition to working to strengthen health services at Elev8 schools, Millennia has been involved in a number of recent projects meant to strengthen public education nationally and locally.

In Dothan, Alabama we guided a comprehensive strategic planning, community engagement and communication process for the City’s school system of roughly 9000 elementary and high school students.  Our Vermont consultation included grant writing support to the state’s Department of Education that successfully raised millions for early childhood education. 

In the Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland, we helped develop and guide a training for educators on “Interest-based Negotiation” and in Minnesota, our engagement focused on school administrators.

We interviewed key education stakeholders about the future of Chicago’s public education system and we are currently working on strategy development with Generation All, a broad-based coalition with a mission to unite Chicagoans in the revitalization of neighborhood public high schools.

In Illinois, we are working in with The Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) to facilitate the work of Councils for Continuous Improvement (CCI) in Rock Island/Milan and Danville, Illinois. This includes helping to shaping the overall strategy for the CCIs, as well formulating meeting agendas, conducting periodic trainings in community engagement/organizing skills. 

We are providing consultations to a very interesting initiative in metro-Chicago to create a health and education initiative with ambitious goals: coordination of care, increase family wellness and access to preventative care, create positive responses to trauma and reduce its impact, and identify result-based practices that can inform policy. Partners include Governor’s State University, Illinois Education Association, The Consortium for Educational Change, Cook County Health System, American Academy of Pediatrics-Illinois Chapter and School Districts 169, 148, 132.

A national organization, the Leadership for Educational Equity’s mission is to foster the individual and collective leadership of its members by inspiring them, developing their capacity, and increasing their effectiveness to shape policies and set priorities to ensure that all children have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. Our consultation included provide hands-on support for LEE members looking to develop their leadership skills in a variety of areas to help them become effective, impactful leaders for students in communities across the nation. 

And last but not least, Millennia has completed whole district strategic plan for multiple public school districts in the Midwest.

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