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Brenda Bannor is a nationally recognized health care expert with more than 30 years of professional experience as a health care administrator, fund-raiser, community coalition builder and educator. Since joining Millennia in 2002, Brenda has directed program planning and development activities, conducted program evaluations, facilitated strategic planning sessions, organized conferences, and written grant proposals for a wide range of health and educational organizations. Brenda came to Millennia from her position as Director of School-Based Health Centers and faculty member in the family practice residency program at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. In this capacity, she co-founded and directed the first school-based health centers on the North Side of Chicago, served as the system-wide consultant on school health for Advocate Health Care, co-founded and served as Executive Board President of the Illinois Coalition for School-Based Health Centers, as well as presented at local and national conferences on health and education.

Brenda’s professional experience extends beyond the health care field. She has a M.Ed. in Education of the Deaf and a B.A. in Anthropology and Asian Studies. She has worked in these areas as a special education teacher for the Chicago Public Schools, a sign language interpreter and instructor, director of vocational programs for developmentally disabled adults at Chicago Citywide College, and co-developer and instructor of the first medical interpreter training program in Chicago.

In her words: “Having a foothold in so many professional worlds allows me to bring a very broad perspective to each of my consulting engagements. Having been a teacher, I understand how schools work. Having worked in the health care arena, I understand how our health care system works and how health care providers think. Even my anthropology experience comes into play, helping me to bridge the cultures and bring together stakeholders across disciplines.”

Brenda's service specialties include Program Development, Organizational Development and Planning, and Research and Policy Analysis.