Getting Started


If you need a team of consultants with academic credentials and professional experience in your field, look no further than Millennia for your project's next consultant. Our senior-level consultants can step in, size up a situation and begin work quickly. We bring to your organization years of organizational development, research, evaluation and facilitation expertise.

Each of Millennia's consultants has held positions in the nonprofit, philanthropic or public sectors. We understand the day-to-day challenges that face practitioners in the field. This deep understanding of your world is the basis of one of our most important value propositions— we don't just have theoretical knowledge; we have real mastery of the forces that drive the nonprofit and public sectors. When you work with Millennia, you work with experienced professionals who have been in the trenches.


Millennia does not offer pre-packaged, off-the-rack services. Each client is unique, so we believe that solutions must be tailored to your specific organizational culture and needs.  While we will propose a general framework for our services, and a price, we always remain flexible and willing to readjust our work so that it makes the most sense for you.

We prefer to talk first. Call us and explain your project or dilemma. Let us work with you to figure out what is really needed, by providing the objective observer’s eye that may be missing. Because we have worked with hundreds of organizations on a wide variety of projects, we can often offer insight into situations that may elude you as an insider. It’s hard to see the forest through the trees sometimes. So, let us do what we do best, consult with you even before we start working with you. Together, we can design a set of services that truly address the challenges you face.


We also respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs). In deciding to respond to an RFP, we consider the nature of the project, as well as its size and scope. If we believe there is a match, we will call you to learn more. Then, we will match the project with the Millennia consultant(s) whose skills and experience seem most compatible with your assignment. Sometimes we will also add independent contractors to the team if we believe we need a specialized skill set or experience. You will always have a senior-level consultant managing your project, and that person will be your primary contact throughout the life of the assignment.  He or she will be fully engaged.

There are occasions when we feel a potential client’s needs may not fit with our expertise. In those cases, we may be able to recommend another consultant outside the firm.


Millennia will provide cost estimates for your project. Projects can be either fixed fee or quoted as an hourly or daily rate depending on your preference.  Fixed fee projects estimate the work involved based on past experience and quote you a fixed price that you will pay regardless of the time it actually takes to accomplish the job. The alternative is that we quote you an hourly or daily rate and bill you for our actual time.

Sliding Scale Fees

We have established a sliding scale pricing model based on the size of your operating budget and assets. This policy allows us to continue our commitment to working with very small, community based non-profits as well as larger organizations such as universities, hospitals, and government agencies.


Much of our policy and evaluation work involves community-based research designed to develop practical solutions to concrete, real-life problems. We employ a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods such as interviews, surveys, and focus groups. We work hand-in-hand with you to frame the problem, identify critical research questions and data sources, so that we produce a final product that meets your needs.

Email us or call us at 312-922-9920 Ext 1. Brenda Bannor, a manager and senior consultant, is Millennia’s point-person for new inquiries. She will direct you to an appropriate consultant for further discussions.